Getting you back on track

If you own a tracked vehicle then you need TrackBack recovery and safety device in your toolbox. This multifunction device puts tracks back on tracked vehicles and can be used as an emergency traction device. TrackBack is like the spare tyre for your car.

TrackBack offers peace of mind while you work. If you lose a track this simple to attach device gives you an instant solution with immediate recovery. TrackBack can be fitted on site with no drilling or welding required. Every operator should have TrackBack on hand for improved safety and productivity. Get back on track with TrackBack.


How does it work?

TrackBack attaches onto each side of your track and links together holding tight providing your equipment with emergency traction and recovery from a lost track or lost traction. TrackBack is a multifunctional device – keep TrackBack in your toolbox for:


  • Refitting tracks
  • Attaching chains
  • Track winch
  • Track joiner
  • Traction device
  • Post attachment device

TrackBack Fitting Guidelines

1. Refitting Tracks Safely

When fitting TrackBacks ensure chain between the TrackBacks is tight. If required can adjust chain by rotating half a turn or more.

2. Rejoin Track Chains

Fit a pair of track backs to each side of the join then fit a chain block to the bottom holes and pull together.

3. Track Winch

To use as a winch, chains/cables can be fitted to the centre of the TrackBacks on one or both tracks. After anchoring the chains drive yourself forward.

4. Post Attachment

Secure chains around post to the bottom hole of each TrackBack with the post facing forward. Caution: Must remove post before doing a full revolution.

7. Steel Pipe Lifter

Use TrackBacks to lift steel pipes into place e.g at a crossing. Caution: Safe work practices are recommended.